Warning for this scammer!
I was on to buy a cheap cellphone. The guy wanted the payment via Western Union. He did seem very reliable and he had Gold-status or whatever it was.
Anyway, I didn’t receive the cellphone. He just stole my money.

Here is some of his info! I believe he fakes his identity but if you have contact with someone that have similar info, dont do biz with him!

His MSN (I think he deleted this one):
[email protected]

Payment info for Western Union he sent me:
first name: fengping
last name: yu
city: hangzhou
country china
country: china
post code: 461000

He called himself ”Canace Liu” on MSN. I dont know why some alarmbells didn’t go of inside my head when his payment info was something else.
I dont deserve the money because I’m so fucking stupid.

Fengping Yu, if you read this: How do you feel when you scam people out of money? You are a very worthless and rotten person. You’re too dumb to make any money in a honest way.
I hope you get cancer and suffer until you die.

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