Apri Agency Review – Warning!

I bought Kratom from Apri Agency. The first time I received Bali Kratom. The Kratom was mixed with a lot of sand! I would get about 15% of sand.
And I dont think it was Bali Kratom either. It didn’t have the effects regular Bali kratom does.

I just thought it was a very bad batch mixed with some sand so I talked to Apri Agency and decided to order a second time. 3 samples of other sorts of Kratom.
When I received the Kratom I directly noticed that they did all look the same but there where supposed to be Sumatran Kratom, Red Kratom and Green Kratom.

I did put a small amount of Kratom from each bag on a white paper. They all look identical! They should NOT be exactly the same if it was different sorts.
But that is not the worst part. It does not taste like Kratom! I’m not sure it is Kratom!

I will write a small review again tomorrow when I have tried it out for real.