Dropbox Alternatives (Store encrypted files on your FTP)

Since Dropbox seems to get hacked every 15 minutes I decided it was time to leave them. (Dont forget to permanently delete your files as they as stored on the server if you might want to restore them!)
I haven’t yet found a alternative. I want to store the files on my own server in ENCRYPTED form.

There’s 2 Dropbox alternatives that’s currently being developed that I find interesting that both encrypts and can use FTP for storing the files.

Here they are:
http://sparkleshare.org/ (Got versions for Linux and Mac ready, still waiting for Windows)
http://www.syncany.org/ (Only sourcecode so far)

How to fix: Windows Live Writer – Server Error -32700 Occured

There can be several reasons you get this error:
1: Download and replace all PHP-files with the new ones in the latest WordPress.org package.
2: Try another theme
3: In Windows Live Writer, try to go to the blog settings inside the application, go to ”advanced” then to encoding or whatever it’s called in English and change it to Unicode UTF-8 and then try to post again. This fixed the error for me.
You can also try to set the script-thing and the embed-thing to ”supported” or whatever it’s called in English. (sorry, I only use the Swedish version)